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Also known as "cut back saddles", or "part style saddles" and sometimes "Lane Fox" saddles. These saddles have a cutback in the pommel to allow for the higher head and neck carriage for this style of riding. Even though the upper (visible) flap is wider and without padding, the lower flap is much smaller, allowing a closer contact with the horse's side. The seat is flatter with less padding than a typical forward seat or dressage saddle. If you want a different flap shape, please submit a photo of a saddle similar to what you want via email, and I will let you know if I can make it and if the price may differ from these shown. As far as color choices, it's pretty much "anything goes". so you can order black or brown, or natural. Saddle seat riders used to show without any saddle pad, but close fitted felt pads are more commonly used these days. Order your pad separately.

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Saddles come with stirrup leathers and metal stirrups. Saddle seat saddle do not come with D rings or stirrup keepers. You will have to order your girth separately. You may need different size girths for different size horses. I usually use a "web" elastic equalizer girth for these saddles. The elastic aids in fit and the Y shaped buckle system spreads out the pressure for comfort. Pads are optional, but I do recommend using them, especially on lighter colored horses as they help protect the paint.


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Don't forget to order your saddle pad and girth!

Color Chart

This chart shows currently available color choices based on pre-dyed kangaroo lace from my vendor. I will dye the saddle and other tack items to match this lace as closely as possible.

Color Chart