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The winner of the first Painted Daisy Studio tack raffle is Alice Malcolm!

Thank you everyone who entered, and congratulations Alice.

Here is a video of the actual drawing, posted on Youtube: https://youtu.be/bfFhAVEGKcs



Have you always wanted a "Top Live Show Quality" custom tack set for your favorite hunter/jumper model, but just couldn't afford one? Well, here's your chance! I have decided to raffle off a hunter jumper tack set, my best work, with all the bells and whistles, valued at approximately $500.00. You get to pick out the details of the set, like colors, but type, boot colors, etc. This way, someone who couldn't otherwise afford one gets to have one.

Here's how it works: I'm selling raffle tickets at $5.00 each (plus tax where applicable). I'm going to hold the raffle open, until I sell enough tickets to cover the cost of manufacture, then I'll hold the drawing. I expect to hold the drawing around December 1st, but I may have to hold it open a bit longer by a week or two. I will post the raffle drawing date on this page. You can purchase your raffle tickets online, right here on this page.

After you purchase your tickets, you will be sent to a secure Paypal shopping cart to pay for them. You will need to include your current contact information with your purchase, so that I will be able to contact you if you win. I will NOT share your information with anyone else, and I will NOT use your information for any other purpose. When you purchase tickets, I will get an email notice from paypal. I will then fill out your contact info on your tickets and take a photo of them, which I will then send to you via email or text, your preference. I will put your tickets into the bin with all the others. Keep checking back on this page for the drawing date and time. On the day of the drawing, my husband and I will randomly draw a ticket from the bin of mixed tickets, and choose a winner. A photo of the winning ticket will be posted here. If you win, I will contact you and ask for the details you want for your tack set. And within about 3-4 weeks, you should have it, ready to show. If I am unable to contact you within 2 weeks after the drawing, I will randomly select another ticket to receive the prize. Winner (ticket number and name) will immediately be posted on this page after the drawing.

What about all the people who bought tickets, but lost the raffle? Just so there's no hard feelings, I will agree to apply the purchase price of losing tickets towards up to 50% off any tack order you want. For example, if you spent $30 on tickets, you can order a $60 bridle, with a $30 discount, so it only costs you $30. Just send me an e-mail with what you want, and I will send you a customized invoice showing your discount for you to place your order.

What's included in this raffle if I win? Winner will receive a new hunter/jumper saddle of their choice, like the one pictured. It's a "type 5" but you can choose one of my other styles if you wish. You will also get a girth, half pad, square quilted pad, bridle of your choice with working tongue buckles, 5-point martingale breastplate combo, 2 pairs of boots- front boots, hind boots, or bell boots and tendon boots, pretty much all you need for a top LSQ jumper performance show set up, less the horse and fence. You can choose the model it will custom fit. I suggest Bristol or Voyeur, or the True North mold, but you get to choose. It can be a resin if you prefer. I may need you to take measurements for resins, but that is not difficult to do. Retail value of prize is approximately $500.00, but varies with your personal preference choices. Photos below are examples of my work, this tack has not been made yet, and will be made to your personal specifications. Shipping will be free, including international shipping where available.

Drawing will tentatively take place at 12:00 noon on Sunday, December 1, 2019, EDT.

This time and date may change if I do not sell enough tickets by then. New time and date will be posted.

How do I order tickets?

It's easy. Go to the panel below and choose a quantity discount. For single tickets, choose the 1 ticket for $5.00 each. For example if you want 3 tickets, choose the $5.00 ticket price, then on the shopping cart page, change the quantity to 3, so your total will be $15.00. If you want 5 or 6 tickets, choose the 6 ticket price from the pull down, and leave the quantity as 1 on the shopping cart page. You get a free ticket for each 5 you buy. You can order multiples of each discount level. More tickets means you have a higher chance of winning.

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Color Chart

This chart shows currently available color choices based on pre-dyed kangaroo lace from my vendor. I will dye the saddle and other tack items to match this lace as closely as possible.

Color Chart