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Racing Tack sets:

Please email me to confirm your style choices, colors and sizes.

Custom tack orders currently at 1-3 weeks for completion!

Flat racing tack set

#103- Basic Flat racing tack sets include a leather race saddle, stirrups, plain number cloth, undergirth, overgirth and simple race bridle (loose ring snaffle, no cavesson etc.). Also available are extras, such as shadow roll bridles, and flash cavessons, and other bits, including my new Dexter ring racing bit, and tongue tie jaw straps. Highly detailed saddles have "stitching lines" tooled into them, Comes in your choice of custom colors. I can match your favorite race horse's colors! Show here is a set that matches Ruffian's, one that matches Rags to Riches (grey saddle with orange and black cloth) Barbaro's saddle is in red leather. Just send me a pic and I'll try to match the color combos in it. *Saddle cloths are now made from thin cloth fabric with printed fabric or paper applique numbers and logos. White trim is single layer fabric tape. Untrimmed cloths are single layer with "fray stop" applied to edges to prevent fray. Unless otherwise stated you will receive regular untrimmed cloth with basic set. *Scroll down for more info and add-ons:


Saddle Color:
Girth Colors:
Bit type
Bridle color
Cloth Colors, name & number:
Sized to fit this model horse

Upper photos show my older style saddle cloths, which are LSQ, but not "Top LSQ". My newer manufacturing methods produce a higher quality, more realistic and higher detailed saddle cloth. The newer cloths, however, are not washable, while the older style are washable. I can reproduce the correct saddle cloth for the particular horse in the specific race you wish to depict in your model set up. Send me an e-mail with your request and I will let you know if I can reproduce it.

*Tip: Race tracks in the US adopted a standardized number/color scheme for saddle cloths sometime around the late 1970's, so if you are attempting to depict a particular horse in a particular race you will want to adhere to the standardized colors. If your race is supposed to have taken place earlier than the 70s or in a country other than the US, you can probably get by with a black cloth with a white number. Contrary to some novice's theories, the saddle cloth is not supposed to match the jockey's silks. Click here to see a chart of colors endorsed by the US Jockey Club.


race saddle  

Add these extras to the "basic" set above:

Saddle Number cloth w/name and/or logo - $5.00 (With trim -$10.00)
Saddle Cloth Options:
Cloth and Trim Colors:
Post #+ Name+logo description:

Tongue Tie jaw strap (attach with wax)-$2.00
Dexter ring bit - $3.00

Shadow roll - $5.00



 Blinker hood - $25.00

attachment at jaw:

Neck grab strap - $8.00



Race Bridle Only - Select options below: $28-$45

Cavesson options:
Sized to fit model or mold:
Color or colors of reins:


Whip - Add a whip for your doll or resin jockey to hold - $12.00

Color of whip shaft & popper
Color of handle and tip



*Tip: If you want to depict different real life races while using the same tack and or jockey, just order additional saddle cloths with the appropriate colors and post position numbers for each race.


Additional saddle cloths - $15.00 -(#only, no trim),
$20-(with name, logo and/or trim)


Saddle Cloth Options:
Cloth and Trim Colors:
Post #+ Name+logo description:

Track Bandages or wraps (not shown -set of 2) - $10.00
(will be given white wraps unless otherwise stated.)
With colored tape to match silks (set of 2)- $12.50

Colored tape options:
Wrap Color:
Tape Color if any:
Noseband options (added to basic bridle)

Additional girths and overgirths:

Racing Girths and overgirths
Sized to fit this model:
Girth colors


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