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Model Horses

(Custom sculpted and Portrait Models):

I can work from several different sources such as photos or sketches even digital media. The subjects do not have to be in the same poses that you wish them to appear in the finished model, they just have to give me enough infomation to extrapolate from. I can combine several different sources into one figure as well, such as this pose with this other coat pattern but these other eyes, etc. All source material you supply me will be returned to you.

The body model can be supplied by you, or I can try to obtain a body model similar to the pose you require and re-sculpt. In this case, you will be billed the additional amount for the purchase of the body model, prices subject to availability. My fee for painting a model is $150, regardless of color or coat pattern, and includes standard sanding and prepping, base coat, color coat, and the final coats of sealer. Extensive prepping and/or re-sculpting will be extra, price to be determined by the amount of work neeed. Standard prepping includes removal of visible seams, removal of small visible bumps and dents, and finish sanding. Extensive prepping would include major sanding of extremely bumpy model, removing material from filled in ears, shaping blocky hooves, adding frogs etc. Mane and tail changes are considered as minor re-sculpting. Position changes of legs, neck and head are considered major re-sculpting. Mohair mane and tail is $30.00. (Original mane and tail must be removed and neck and dock resculpted to accomodate new mohair mane and tail.) Metal shoes are $15.00, and include custom fitting and glueing onto the hooves, with metalic clinches (nail ends) painted on hooves with 3d shadowing.

I require payment in advance to begin any custom work. I guarantee my work by providing photos for your approval, and I agree to keep working or re-work the piece until it meets your satisfaction. Any changes decided upon that were not included in the original quoted price will be billed out seperately. Piece will not be shipped until it is paid in full. If damaged in shipping, you may return it for repair. If insurance is purchased prior to shipping, item will be repaired free (insurance claim for damages will be made to shipping carrier -they will pay for repairs. Sometimes they just confiscate the piece.) If not insured, repairs will be billed to you, but at a discount whereever possible.

Turn around is relative to the amount of work to be done, usually 2-4 weeks plus shipping time. Time can be delayed by excessive humidity or bad weather as it can effect the clarity and quality of the final sealer coats. Sometimes it is best to wait until the conditions improve.

Prep Services:

I will file seams, bumps, flash, and burrs, finish sand, fill dents and dings, and paint a base coat of primer on either plastic or resin models at the following rates, plus shipping.
  • Traditional scale = $60
  • Classic scale = $50
  • Stablemate or Little Bit scale = $40
  • For more information, please inquire via e-mail.

    Model Repairs:

    Repairs done to both plastic and resin models, including re-hairing. repainting, broken legs, ears etc. Some can be restored to Original Factory condition per NAMHSA rules, and still be eligible to show in that division. Some repairs will need a full repaint, and therefore would no longer be considered OF. Cost is determined by the amount of work done. Usually ranges from $20 - $150, plus shipping. E-mail for detailed quote.


    My fee depends on the amount of work to be done. Minor changes will be less, major changes will be more. Usually ranges from $10 - $100.00. If you e-mail me with a detailed description of what needs to be done, I will provide a quote. Photos help.


  • $150 for all traditional scale models, regardless of color or coat pattern
  • $140 for all classic scale models
  • $90 for all stablemate/little bit scale models
  • Painting fee includes standard prep. Extensive prep or re-sculpt are priced additionally.

    Please contact me for a detailed quote.

    Tack - Custom Saddlery:

    I am willing to make small changes to any of the example items you see on this site at no extra charge. Some changes may require more materials (such as adding special silver decorations to a western saddle or beads to a bridle) or may require more time to make, such as a new or different bit not shown on my site, and will cost a little more. I am also willing to copy a real saddle or bridle in miniature, if you are able to supply me with pictures, just e-mail me. Please ask me about current turn-around time. It will depend on how many other orders I have at the time. I usually work pretty fast, and can have items ready to ship in as little as 2 or 3 days up to 2 weeks for most orders. But sometimes my work is in high demand and I have many orders waiting manufacture. I produce them in the order in which they are paid for and received. If you are looking for a specific item of tack and you do not see a close example listed on my site, please feel free to inquire if I might make one. (I just may be working on one already!) I am constantly making improvements to my existing tack patterns, and I am always coming up with new ones too. I will be increasing the different styles of saddles available and adding more choices to this site over time. Please feel free to inquire if you would like a more forward flap, or a flatter seat, etc. Higher quality, more elaborate tack will cost more, although I wish to continue to offer some plainer but still LSQ tack at prices everyone can afford.

    Please contact me for a quote: